Give it to me now!

Well, after class today I ran around all over town and the next town up. Target, TJ Maxx, Kirlands, Pier 1, Hobby Lobby (actually 2 of them), Oops, and Sam’s Furniture,


Well, here is the backstory.

Tyler got a ticket when we first moved in. The police in town are kinda crazy. Anyway, he took the ticket to court. And if he won, he got $125 fine. And if he lost, it was going to be like $1500. So he decided that if he won, he was going to do a few things.

One of them was for me. He wanted to buy me a leather storage bench we found at TJ Maxx last Sunday. I wanted it for the end of our bed.

I was so excited! It was the sweetest thought of him to do that for me! So after court, we went to TJ Maxx…and it wasn’t there. Sad day.

Well, I am a “I want it now” kind of girl. Not quite like Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka, but close. Since the hubs said I could have this trunk (and he would pay for it!), I want one. But NOBODY has one like we found at TJ Maxx.

Well, I found one just like it online, so we will see if Ty wants to order it. That would make this girl very happy. 🙂

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