Giving Grace

Giving Grace

Not only have I been trying to be more graceful with myself lately, but also to others.  And let me tell you, it’s hard.  Whooo buddy, it can be hard.

It can be tough to give grace to my husband when I’ve been trying to work on our taxes since January…and all I’m missing is his stuff.  Worldly me wants to be like “I need this tonight. I’m ready to put this behind us. I want to finish this and move on.”  But graceful me says “You’re busy with work stuff.  We have another month to complete this. It can wait.”

Worldly me wants to yell at the friend who was inconsiderate.  Graceful me forgives and forgets.

Worldly me gets frustrated when my doctor is running late and makes me late.  Worldly me’s blood pressure rises.  Graceful me is glad I have a caring doctor who spends adequate time with his patients.  Graceful me takes a moment to pray for the patient who needed extra time with the doctor.

Worldly me wants to be selfish with my time, but graceful me tries to remember others and give some of that time.

There is still so much work for God to do in me, but I’m glad He’s molding me into a more grace filled person.

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