A group of friends has a group text going pretty much all the time.  We talk during stressful times, we ask for outfit advice, we vote on new hairstyles….and one day we decided we needed a Girl’s Night Out soon.

I’m so glad to have people who say “yes!”  We decided to dress all nice and head out for sushi and wine. Perfect evening!

We mayyyyy have gotten a little too loud at dinner, but I don’t think anyone minded. 🙂

So here are my sweet, beautiful friends!  We initially met at our church’s Wednesday night Bible study (well, Tara and Rebecca work together) but I’m so thankful they are in my life!

Tara- she’s wise, funny, organized and has an amazing sense of vintage style.



Sideways…but this is Rachel and Rebecca.  Rachel is fun-loving, resilient, and gives such sound level-headed advice.  Rebecca is one of the most caring, calm, patient people I’ve ever met.

I’m just so thankful for friends and time away together, even if it’s just for dinner!

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