Goal Setting

I am feeling a little lost in the shuffle…so I am doing some goal setting for the week and for the month.  If I write it down, I gotta do it (ya feel me?)

This week:
-Finish two quilt toppers (1/3 done with one already!)
-Finish cleaning the kitchen
-Vacuum and dust the house
-Learn 4 solid Zumba toning routines

This month:
-Lose these last 4 pounds before NYC (I’m so close to my goal…only 4 more! I can do it!)
-Finish the 30 Day Shred strong
-Learn a total of 8 Zumba Toning routines to start teaching Sept 9
-Workout every day but Sundays (Sundays are optional!)

These may not seem like much, but it feels a bit overwhelming to see it all.  I will try to bite off a bit at a time to get it all done. Here is to goals. 

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