God is Faithful!

Ok ya’ll.  Let’s get real.
I started that new Zumba class in Greenwood a few weeks ago.  It has been a bit of a struggle.  Its on Wednesday nights- the slowest night at the gym because of church.  For two weeks, I only had one person come to Zumba.  ONE.  That made me feel a bit discouraged.
It might sound silly to you, but I took it to the Lord.  I had prayed for more people.  People to become friends with.  People to love on.  Women to make feel good by showing them they are sexy and powerful.  Women to share with.  I have some Christian songs in my playlist and I was looking forward to subtly sharing my faith through this unusual outlet.
Well last night, praise the Lord, there were 6 people in my class!  SIX PEOPLE!  And get this….3 of them came from my OTHER Zumba class in Fort Smith!  Yup!  So 3 ladies that are regulars at the gym, and 3 friends who came to support me here!  What a blessing!
And to top all that off, God came through even more!  I had been praying for ways to use Zumba as not only a work out and source of fun, but as a supplemental income.  Well, the lady who teaches at 4:45 TTH is quitting, and I’m taking her classes!  That means I will now teach 5 classes a week, essentially doubling my Zumba income!
AND yesterday, a lady was at work talking to me.  She is the ad rep for a local online newspaper.  As we talked, Zumba came up…and she also plans women’s retreats…and wants me to do a “dance party” with the ladies at a retreat at the end of the month!
Isn’t God faithful!?! I brought Him something that seemed sort of silly to pray about.  Zumba?  Really?  I’m going to pray about my workout, shimmy, shake time?  God can’t care about that….WRONG!  He does.  He cares about all the details of my life.  He knows how happy Zumba makes me.  He knows how good it is for me.  He knows what is best for me and if I trust Him to lead me, He will take me there!  Thank you Lord for being faithful…in the big and small things!


  1. That wasn’t anything silly to pray about. And you have a great faith-building story to share with others about how God came through for you…and can for others!

    Have a great weekend!!

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