Gonna get crafty….

So I went a little crazy today. I was browsing etsy.com (kinda like ebay for homemade and crafty things). I look at etsy WAY too often. I got some ideas and some products there for our wedding (mostly ideas for things I ended up doing myself), and today I found some fun little crafty things that I will use to make some Christmas gifts for friends/family. I don’t think most of them read my blog (and if they do, they will probably forget by then!)…so I wanted to post the fun things I found!

Etsy got me on a cameo kick. They are so ornate and pretty. These are my favorites I bought today.

These are the little metal holder thingies that the cameos go in. I got several fun colors to mix and match.

These are untraditional cameos. For one, they aren’t face profiles…and they are colored! They are a pretty burgundy/purple and I can’t wait to make something pretty with them!
These were cool because they are prety black little flowers. They will be so pretty on those orange backers.
These looked like greek goddesses to me. I think its the hair and the swag of collar. Kinda looks like a toga top to me.
And my favorite. These were called Antebellum Cameos. I love the detail. This little lady has pearls on and a flower in her hair! Precious!

I will get them in the next few days, and start playing around with them. I can’t wait to share the finished project with you!

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