Good Friday

Thinking today about our Risen Savior! One reason I LOVE social media is for good stuff like this:

John Piper’s Twitter:

@JohnPiper: Betrayed by Judas, denied by Peter, abandoned by the eleven, forsaken by God. Darkness, you get one hour. Then you die.
A friend on Facebook:
It’s Earth day and Good Friday. Anyone else see the significance? Today we recognize the importance that trees have in our livelihood. There’s one TREE that is most important and I cherish above the rest. #JesusontheCross
And an awesome video that a friend posted…it is so powerful. You should watch it. Like now. Push play.

It’s Friday but Sunday’s coming! from Pinelake Church on Vimeo.

Happy Good Friday, everyone! I hope you take time this weekend to praise God for the sacrifice of his Son, and for a risen Savior!

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