Goodbye, Business Ownership

Well, on Thursday evening, Tyler signed the paperwork selling his business.

He owned a motorcycle shop (doing sales, parts, and service) but the time had come to sell it…and the buyer jumped on board pretty quickly….and before we knew it, he sold it.

He sold all the inventory to a local competitor (a great deal for that guy…buy out your competitor!), and he left us quite a bit of stuff.  He didn’t want a few motorcycles (meaning we have an AWESOME cruiser to drive around all Spring and Summer before we sell it…and several things to sell independently), and some non-essential stuff (like fridge, canopy, tables, etc).

We also are getting to keep his mechanic building.  It was a little one-car garage metal building…and the buyer didn’t want it.  So, once we get some concrete poured, we will move it out to our house. Hello extra garage/storage/work space!. (We will just ignore the fact that pouring concrete and moving buildings isn’t cheap. ha!).

Tyler is retaining his business name and dealer’s license, so technically those doors are still open….but we are probably going to look for more open doors at this time.

I’m so proud of my husband to have started this business, made is successful, and sold it for a profit. That is a HUGE accomplishment!

The shop was doing well, but Tyler was getting burnt out.  He was there every hour it was open…and that just takes a toll on you.  He was never able to take “time off” because the shop was always on his mind.  Holidays were spent picking up motorcycles while we were visiting my family in another town…evenings were spent browsing Craigslist for deals…or if he left someone else in charge, he was always getting phone calls and dealing with things remotely. So, we struck while the iron was hot and sold it while their was interest.

It is bittersweet.  He has had the shop since March 2009…so for almost 4 years. It is all he has done since graduating college (how awesome is he that he graduated and opened his own business!).  So we aren’t 100% sure what is next for him, and for us…but I know God has big plans.

God was SO faithful in bringing us a buyer for the shop…so I know He will continue his blessings in showing Tyler where to head next.

Tyler will take a few weeks to get all the loose ends tied up (moving inventory out, selling non-essential stuff, moving the building, etc.) and then the job search begins.

Would you be praying for Tyler as he transitions?  I know it must be hard to go from owning your own business (the stress, mental fatigue, responsibilities), to this time of uncertainty.  Pray that I can be the most supportive wife during this time, and that we are good stewards of our money during this transition time.

We will miss you, Rock Solid Powersports!  But we are excited to see what life has in store for us next!


  1. Yay for new adventures! I will be praying for the job search!

  2. I didn’t know that was his! Praying for you guys in the time of transition!! Enjoy having your hubby around a little more!

  3. Best of luck to Tyler in his new adventures! And I’m like Sarah… I didn’t know that was his shop! We drive by there several days a week dropping off and picking up Lily at doggie day care. Garrett loved to see the motorcycles out there and tell me allllll the colors he saw!!

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