Goodbye to You

Before Thanksgving, I met up with my friend Rachael. Rachael and I have been friends for 6 years…since Freshman year at the beginning of fall- the day we signed up for CM Tiger Tunes. Then we pledged the same sorority, and then we were roommates our Sophomore year. I love this girl. She is going on an amazing journey after the first of the year. She is doing the World Race- a mission program where she will travel to 11 countries in 11 months doing mission work with people from gypsies, to homeless, to people in the sex trafficing industry. She has a great opportunity ahead of her. While you read this, will you make a choice? Either pray for Rachael (prayer is the #1 thing she and her team need) or donate. She is halfway funded for her trip, but needs every penny you can spare. You can donate here and put Rachael Allen in the participant’s name. She would be so blessed by a donation of any size….even a couple bucks makes a difference.
Well, when we met up (we haven’t seen each other since summer) we had lunch and talked and got caught up, then we went and did a little shopping. There are some things she needs before leaving, and I helped her find some stuff…and did a little shopping myself. We got kinda goofy in the hats….



Then we were in Old Navy and there was this little contraption on the floor in the kids area. It was shining a big “Old Navy” logo on the floor…

And when you walked through the logo on the floor…it changed. And it started playing games that you played with your feet! It was too fun! We played air hockey, basketball, and more!

(and if you know Rach, those are her feet! Girl wears flip flops most days of the year…I’ve even seen her wear them when its snowing!)

It was a fantastic visit with a great friend! When we hugged goodbye, I wanted to cry…but held it together. I just know it will be at least a year before I see her smiling face again. But I know God has huge plans for her as she ventures into this literal journey. So please, pray and give for Rachael.


  1. oh man. i had a good comment written out then POOF. boo. I’ll try to recreate but no guarantees it will be as good!

    So, I’ve been catching up on your blog since I have more internet currently! Then I ran across this entry…first off, we’re ridiculous, I’ve never seen those pictures and it made me laugh.

    Second, you would be so proud of me for 2 reasons. I haven’t been wearing my flip flops much, but that’s mainly because we haven’t had heat until romania…and now, I just bought boots so I’ll be wearing those everyday! haha, new woman here.

    All laughing aside, I am sitting here about in tears. I miss you girl…but more than that I just feel so blessed by God to have you as a friend. I can’t even begin to tell you how much your support throughout this whole process has meant to me, you have encouraged me more than anyone! So thank you my dear friend. i love you and can’t wait to be reunited in 9 months!


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