Grab a Paintbrush…

Last night was the most fun.
I got some girlfriends together and we had a paint party at a new place in town called Cross My Art.  It is so neat!  Cross My Art is different from some of the paint places I have seen friends visit in other towns (where you all paint the same picture). At Cross My Art, you can paint whatever you want…and the owner Angie helps you make it look AWESOME!
I co-hosted the paint party with my friend Shaina.  I brought 4 other friends….
Brandy (who painted an amazing Razorback!)
Alicia (who did a really neat abstract piece)
Christina (she painted an adorable Christmas subway art)
I did a leopard flower painting
And Lauren (LOVED her Fall “Give Thanks”)
Shaina brought 3 other friends…and we had a blast!
At the end of the evening….here were my girls and our creations!
And everyone all together!  I LOVE all our paintings!

My flower painting!
I hung it up as soon as I got home in the living room!
I can’t wait to go back there.  It was fun to hang out with my friends, paint, and be creative!


  1. Love your painting!! That is super cute! Well, actually, they are all super cute! That place really is fun,and I was so impressed at how Angela just floats from one table to the next, chatting and laughing while she makes everyones paintings look just perfect!

  2. The paintings look great! Love yours on your wall!

  3. That’s sweet! i wish to hang out with lots of friends with creative paintings.
    The room looks really warm.

  4. Oh no, You guys are really making me so sad. I am also want to join. Please

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