Gram Update and WILW

Update on Gram:  They did a second CT scan yesterday and found no change.  While this sounds like bad news, it is good news.  We have passed the initial 72 hours where we were at danger for her condition to get worse.  It didn’t.  So the doctor is fairly certain that we have seen the worse with Gram.  Now we just wait.  And waiting is so hard.  We wait for the bleeding and swelling to go down.  Just like an external bruise (which Gram is covered in), brain injuries take time to heal.  We could be looking at improvement over days or over months….but the doctor is confident that (with the help of rehab…speech, occupational, physical) that Gram will be just fine.  But waiting for this bruising, bleeding and swelling to go down is kind of excruciating.  It is difficult for the doctors to tell how much brain damage is done and how much therapy she will need until the swelling goes down.  So we wait.  Please continue praying for Gram.  Pray for a speedy healing of her brain, and that she would return to us fully (both physically and mentally) without the help of too much therapy.  Pray that when her mental state comes back that she is ready to fight and work hard to be 100%.  Pray for my mom as she stands by Gram’s side in all this.
I’m loving my hubby.  He was exceptional this past weekend when we made a trip home to see Gram.  His hugs, hand holds, and prayers with me mean more than I can explain.  I’m a blessed girl.
Us at Easter.  LOVE this man!
I’m loving medicine and Google.  Let me explain.  Yesterday I was feeling (oversharing alert!!) a UTI or bladder infection coming on.  Lots of pain in my tummy.  So I got some over the counter medicine (Azo store brand for those who are wondering) and took some pills and drank some cranberry juice.  Well, last night ya’ll, my (oversharing alert again) urine was bright orange.  Like neon orange.  I was freaking out.  I told Tyler I had to go to the hospital, that this was much more than an UTI.  He told me to calm down and drink some water, that maybe the cranberry juice had done this.  So I Googled.  And turns out, that Azo medicine can turn your pee funny colors.  And the box doesn’t say a darn thing about that.  Scary turned funny.  Thanks Google.
I’m loving Apple support.  Yesterday, I was having iPod/iTunes trouble…so I called customer support and they were AMAZING.  They were calm, funny, reassuring and helpful.  It took a while to solve our problem, but they were thorough and great.  
I’m loving Shutterfly!  When we bought our TVS back in February/March, we got a free Shutterfly photo book and I’m about to put one together.  Problem is….do I make a “year in review” book, do I make one of Mikey for his pup grandma?  What do I fill this free book with? (I’m leaning towards a year in review.)

I’m loving my friends this week.  With everything going on with Gram, more people have reached out with their texts, messages, emails, calls, and more to say they are praying for us and thinking of us.  It is so nice to know that you have people who are there for you.  Thanks ya’ll!

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