Gram Update: Surgery

Well, we were expecting a long weeks of tests.  However, after evaluating her yesterday, the doctor wants to proceed with surgery. TODAY. Yes, today at 1 p.m. Gram is having surgery to place a shunt in her brain.
I don’t know a lot of details about this surgery.  The doctor said that 80% of patients show tremendous improvement. The other 20% would be the “non-surgical candidates” I talked about yesterday. So we are still praying that this works.
The doctor told us of a patient he did this procedure on with the same condition.  The man was in a nursing home needing 24 hour care.  One week after surgery, the man drove himself to his follow up appointment! 
Our God is powerful, the Mighty Healer, the Great Physician!  I trust that this situation is in His control.  I pray that this surgery will heal Gram…but I am trusting that even if it doesn’t- my God is good all the time and we will follow His plan.
Thank you so much for praying yesterday, and please keep praying for Gram as she has surgery today and recovers.  Thanks y’all!


  1. Praying the surgery is a BIG success and that your Gram will be a walking miracle!

    I’ve added her to the prayer chain at my church, hope you don’t mind! We’ve got her covered in prayer today at 1pm!

  2. I’m glad your Gram’s surgery went well! PTL! And I had to look closely, but your photo of the rain was taken just down the road from our house! 🙂 Small world!!!

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