Gram Update

It has been a while since I posted about Gram.  The last update was she had moved into the rehab home to work on getting stronger, giving the brain shunt time to drain, and overall, just give her body time to heal.

(if you are new…here is the three sentence summary of Gram. 1) she fell last fall and hit her head and had traumatic brain injury. 2)she spend time rehabing, and was living with my mom with many lingering effects of the brain trauma. 3)she went for shoulder surgery and came out with what looked like stage 4 dementia.  They discovered it wasn’t dementia, but fluid on her brain from the fall.  She had brain surgery to place a shunt to drain the fluid and has been in a rehab home for about a month).

Well, guess what?  That fiesty little lady is recovering better than expected.  She is walking, talking, eating, being her sassy self, and doing so great!  She should be coming home to my mom’s house tomorrow!!

She is still in need of more therapy, but she shouldn’t have to live in the rehab home, but just have a therapist come by.  They think in another month she might be able to go back to living alone!  PRAISE GOD!

I will get to see her tomorrow when I go home.  I last saw her right after she went into the rehab home, so I can’t wait to see the improvements she has achieved.  We are so thankful for her recovery.  


  1. Praise God for her amazing recovery!!! Go Gram!!! 🙂

  2. Woohoo! Praise God for this awesome report! So happy to hear this good news about your Gram! He truly holds us in His mighty, healing hands!

    I’ll be sure to update my church prayer chain!

  3. Praise God! Great news!

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