Grand Canyon Day 2

Grand Canyon Day 2

Our Grand Canyon day started early at sunrise.

I figured we weren’t going to be here often, so it was worth a 5:30 wakeup call to see the first light.

It didn’t hurt that all we had to do was walk outside to see the sunrise.  Being right on the rim was amazing.


The morning light made the canyon glow with this purple hew. Glorious.


We went back inside for breakfast at El Tovar, which may have been evern better than dinner!

Tyler got a breakfast Indian Taco with fry bread, eggs, chorizo, beans, roasted veggies, and salsa.  So good.

I got a pancake trio with three different types of pancakes topped with prickly pear syrup (which was BRIGHT purple!)


After breakfast, we spotted deer- Tyler thinks they were mule deer.

There were 6 in total- a couple babies, a buck, and a few does.

This one loved eating from the bushes right out front.


We decided to stick to our car since we only had a couple hours to explore. You can take the tram WEST at the Canyon, and you have to have your own car to go EAST.  So we went east.

There was a 23 mile scenic drive with GORGEOUS vistas.  I think Yaki Point and Lipan Point were our faves.

12132572_864784758073_5177325771731025343_o 12094730_864784523543_4672614521393035144_o

After we left the canyon, we had a long drive back since we exited east.  We had to travel 45 minutes or so south to Flagstaff, then back over.  We made it to the Hoover Dam around 2:30- and all the full tours were sold out for the day.  We opted to do a PowerPlant tour since we were there- which was neat.  It still took you down into the dam to see the powerplant (we just didn’t get to see a couple other spots on the dam tour inside).  The Hoover Dam is impressive!12094902_864786928723_8990005137363005262_o

When we made it back to Vegas, we went to Fremont Street.  We ate dinner in one of the casinos and saw all the sights.  Tyler REALLY loved Fremont.  He liked the live music, the lights, and all the activity.

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