Grand Opening of The Gathering Place

Grand Opening of The Gathering Place

A while back, an event popped up in my Facebook feed that some Tulsa friends were “interested” in.  It looked intriguing- the opening of a new park with some big things- concerts, food trucks, special events….it sounded fun but this was before Tyler was off on the weekends and I wasn’t going to lug Remi to Tulsa by myself for the day.

Fast forward and he now has weekends off….so it was the perfect activity for us! We drove to Tulsa, leaving at 9 a.m.  We had lunch with some of Tyler’s family at Los Cabos (ALWAYS Los Cabos if Tyler comes…he loves it).  Remi loved Randy and Norma- she wanted to know their names and played well with them.

Then we headed to the park. The weather was PERFECT.  It was rainy and overcast, but the rain stopped and it was just cool and windy.

As I did some research, The Gathering Place is an amazing new park. (This neat article in the New York Times sums it up well).  Just over 60 acres of amazing. That’s what the Gathering Place is.

Remi LOVED seeing the skaters and bikers (“Cycles!”) when we entered at their different tracks.

We meandered through the park and came upon swing hill! LOTS of neat swinging areas. It is designed so well.  Soft ground, fun colors, and the smaller swinging areas make it feel not so massive.

We made our way through the park to the big boathouse, lots of play areas (for kids bigger than Remi) and the great lawn with some fun live music.

Then we crossed a bridge into the HUGE play area. A big pirate ship, zip lines, awesome climbing structures (some sand, so Remi stayed out of it…she HATES sand). But this blue heron slide was a BIG hit.

She went up and down it a ton.

I didn’t get a picture of this entire thing, but it was a huge blue whale they could climb in and she loved it.

There were more swings and other play areas…then a GREAT area for toddlers.  This little town was precious. Little buildings and a wooden trail to walk. She loved riding the tractor and playing in the houses.

This cute play area had a fun banana slide!

There was a steel drum band playing and they had put out a limbo stick and lots of hula hoops.  Remi jumped right in!  (I did some limbo-ing too!)

We stopped for a snack near the fountains and restaurant. The restaurant was so busy that we didn’t want to wait for ice cream and a drink, but Remi had her crackers and refuled to play some more.

There were some neat play areas around the seating area/decks, so we explored those until story time.

There is a big Reading Tree and they had a stage set up. And the Very Hungry Caterpillar came for story time!  Remi LOVED this.  Like the pied piper…

They sang some songs, read the book (Remi keeps talking about the “story book” so sweet). This was her sweet face watching the caterpillar. She LOVED it.

After the park, we went to Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods for dinner, then Bass Pro for everyone to shop. Remi was a TROOPER. She was happy and easy going all day, even though she never napped. She’s not a shoulder or stroller napper….she will sleep in her car seat or crib. THAT’S IT. So she pushed through. She never fussed one bit and we were so happy to spend the day together doing fun stuff!


  1. Wow, what a cool place!! I’ve never seen anything like that! And her face during story time!!! All the heart eyes!

    • It was the most amazing park I’ve ever seen. If y’all come to this neck of the woods, it’s a don’t miss! (I’m sure Millie and Remi would be fast friends)

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