Grandma’s China

When they downsized my Gram to a smaller apartment, they got rid of lots of things, and many things also just went into storage.  Her crystal and china were two things that just got boxed up and put away.  Well, that is unacceptable! ha!

As a lover of dishes (hello Fiestaware collection!), I wanted to showcase some of my Gram’s china.  I actually don’t have any china (we registered for all Fiesta), and I really didn’t want the whole set.  But if it was just going to live in a box, I wanted some of the plates.

They are a beautiful blue/gray pattern.  Very subtle and timeless.

The back says “Empress China” “Japan” “Damasl” “1907”  and I checked it at….it isn’t like the most expensive Noritake or anything…so I felt comfortable actually using it.  And has some replacements in case I break any. 🙂

So I decided to showcase the china in my kitchen!  I took some saucers, salad plate/bowls, and dinner plates and hung them in my kitchen!  I had painted that sign in college for my first apartment, so I just surrounded it with the china! I love it!

I think we should display these loved items instead of shoving them away in a box.. Now, if Gram had ugly china, I would probably feel very different. 🙂  But I’m glad to hang up these pieces and imagine the dinners eaten off them over the years. 

Do you have any family heirlooms? 


  1. The china looks great on your wall!!!!

  2. Those plates are BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Aw I love this. I have a bunch of my Mema’s dishes hung on a wall in my bedroom. I love old plates especially ones with floral print 🙂

  4. What a great idea! How did you hang them on the wall? I would love to get some of my Gram’s china and do the same thing!

  5. Also, I love your new blog layout and design! Sorry if I am late in commenting on it, I feel out of the loop with a newborn! 🙂

  6. my momma gave me her china she got when they got married. i have already decided i am displaying it somehow in my new house. i love plates hung on the wall. i totally agree about displaying our little treasures that have been passed down to us. i have a box of gloves that belonged to my great grandma and i think i’m gonna get a shadow box for them, soon.

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