Great Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend.

Yesterday, we slept in and then we drove around downtown to check out the remnants of Bikes Blues and BBQ. Most of it was closing down, so we didn’t stop and walk around. Then we went to Walmart and did our grocery shopping. I love to shop with Tyler, he makes a Walmart run so much more fun!

Later in the afternoon, we went to see The Social Network.
It was a fascinating movie. While I heard the story isn’t 100% on point with what really happened, it was a great storyline and an interesting look at Facebook. While some people are annoyed with Facebook, I am fascinated by it and am studying computer-mediated interpersonal communication, so to understand the driving forces and the creation process of Facebook was really neat. I liked the movie. Two thumbs up. There were also some great previews for movies coming up. Looks like a winter filled with great movies (which is good because winter is our movie going season, as it is too cold to do much outside!).

We also put out our Halloween decorations. My plates in my plate holder…
My sign in the kitchen
My little pumpkin outside (it has a haunted house instead of a face)

And on another note, we can’t seem to get rid of this little neighborhood cat.
. Photobucket
I think some people moved away and left her (him maybe? Not sure…haven’t gotten close enough to examine). I feel so bad for this cat. It just meows all the time and I am sure she is hungry…but I can’t feed her because I don’t want her to depend on me. But its killing me to not put out a can of tuna or a plate of milk for this pretty kitty.

Do you feed strays in your neighborhood? Or do you shoo them away? Did you have a good weekend?

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