Grooming and Treats from Chewy

Grooming and Treats from Chewy

Recently, reached out to me because they wanted me to check out their products. is a great site where you can shop for pet food (dogs and cats), treats, bowls, leashes, grooming stuff, medicine, and toys – basically anything you can get a big pet store.  Except, you can have it shipped right to your door – and shipping is free with orders over $49.  There’s no sales tax (unless you live in FL, NV, or PA), and they even have auto-ship options for those products you need regularly.  They even offer 24/7 online chat if you need help.

Chewy let me choose some items to try this month (which I got for free, but all opinions are my own and are honest and real.) I chose the FURminator Dual Brush for Dogs and Nutro Ultra Biscuits.



Let’s start with the dog’s favorite: the biscuits. They are blueberry pomegranate, which is different from any dog treat we have tried…but the dogs LOVE it.  I love that they smell fruity (instead of stinky like meat).  They are really nutrient dense to help with their coat, their digestion and their immune system.  My boys only love that they taste good!

The brush is GREAT. It’s dual sided, so there is a side for getting out tough knots, and a side for gentle brushing to help with deshedding.  They are great for removing debris from short haired dogs, which has been great for this weather with sticky wet grass.  Pippin gets stuff stuck in his tail a lot. And bonus, it’s a rubber brush, so it’s ok when he goes to bite it (do all dogs bite their brush? or just mine?).

Go check out for your pets. You’ll love just getting that stuff delivered to your door without the hassle of making an extra stop. It’s super convenient and the products are great!

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