Growing in Her Soccer Skills

Growing in Her Soccer Skills

Remi had some awesome banner weeks at soccer, scoring like 4-5 goals per game. I missed two weeks of games (due to the women’s conference at our church that I was helping with…and then our anniversary trip), so she’s made a LOT of progress since I saw her play.

This particular week, she didn’t score any goals, but MAN, she showed awesome improvement. She stayed with the ball and was showing that she was becoming more aggressive.

I was just so impressed with her. Her little team plays well together, but I’m just so proud of how she’s staying focused and working hard!

I mean, look at that little stiff arm trying to get control of the ball! (This picture is sweet, too…it’s got three kids she’s been at daycare with over the years!)

But I just love watching her find her way in something new.

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