H is for Hairstyles

H is for Hairstyles

Somehow this post is mostly about hairstyles- mine and Remi’s. Ha!

One day last week, her teachers changed her hair at school and I got this sweet picture from them. It said “Momma! I’ve got pigtails today!”  Her hair is so long and growing so fast!  It’s nuts that we can pull it back like this!

She’s being SO big playing- stacking her blocks, figuring out the stacking toys.  She spends more and more time sitting at her table playing.  I love when she points to the other chair and says “SIT!” because she wants me to play with her.

On Saturday, mom and I went to see Beautiful the Musical, and Remi took a nap before I left- so I got to curl my hair!  Woop!  Red lips and curled hair.  Feeling fancy.

When I got home, we played in the front yard.  Girl LOVES bring outside.

Sunday morning, I had gotten her hair ready, but she was still in her PJs watching Sesame Street.  You could really see how long her hair was!

And once she got dressed, we played outside before loading up.  She is ALWAYS doing the chicken dance.  That’s what these moves are!

After church, lunch and nap, we played outside. She’s entirely too big for this baby slide, but she likes climbing it and hitting the baseball.  We also played on daddy’s boat and the 4wheeler (I mean, they were all just sitting in the yard, but it’s still an adventure!)

All in all, a great weekend together!

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