Yesterday we got out of class at 4:15….and I usually leave campus on Tuesdays close to 5….so I was excited for my extra time. I didn’t want (or need) to go shopping…and I didn’t have enough time to go home and do anything before Zumba at 6….so what to do? I was on the phone with mom and mentioned I had this extra time and how I wished I would have known so I could have made a hair appointment. Well, she told me, surely somewhere in town could get in a walk in on a Tuesday evening.

So I went to Ulta, the last place I got my hair cut. No stylists free.

Then I went to two salons close to the Zumba studio. No one could get me in.

Then I went by 2 places that were closed.

Another day spa was open, but the stylists had just gone home.

A salon close to my old apartment was full.

Then I remembered: the just put a salon on campus in the new shopping area (this place is TIGHT….it has the salon, a yogurt place, a boutique, the big campus bookstore, a Subway coming soon, coffee shop, and Walmart on Campus- the world’s smallest Walmart!). So I went there last. This was my last option as it was 5:00…and Zumba starts at 6:00. I sure wasn’t going to miss Zumba just for a haircut.

But they got me right in! And I met a really sweet stylist and the salon was awesome (they offered me wine! ha! No thanks, I’m headed to work out after this…not a good combo!). And she gave me a good chop!

*sorry for the poor quality phone pic…but my camera’s battery is dead!*

Its short and sassy and ready for summer!


  1. Love the sytle!

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