Half Answered Prayer

So last week Tyler had two more police department interviews.  This week, we got an email with his ranking on the hiring list.  He did make the list, but he’s further down the list than what they are currently hiring.

We are disappointed.  He made it through the entire process (and if by chance they need to hire more people later, he’s on the list), and we really felt like it matched his talents and abilities.  However, it didn’t work out.

I say this is a half answered prayer.  I was so anxious about him being a police officer. I prayed often for God’s will to be done, and that if it included this police job that God would calm my worries.  So, it’s partly relived that we won’t have in our future.  But sad that a year after selling his shop, we are basically back at square one.

We have found several jobs for him to apply for.  I know God is faithful and has something in store for him/us.  Maybe God was protecting him from something on the police force. Maybe there is a better opportunity ahead?   At this time, God isn’t showing me the whole puzzle, just a piece.

I’m discouraged and I feel deflated thinking we have to do this over and over and over until something works.  But I’m trying to stay positive.

He has already applied for other jobs….so here we go (again!).


  1. Ugh, that’s really tough, friend. I’m sorry. I can understand the being partially-relieved part…I would be so scared to have my husband on the police force. But if it’s his dream (and a good job!)…then I can see how you’d want it, too. I will pray for more opportunities to open for him soon.

  2. I live in Northeast Arkansas and my husband is a captain at our towns police department. They are currently hiring. Not sure you guys would want to relocate but they are always looking for good, qualified applicants. By the way, I really enjoy your blog. Hope that something good will come along for him.

  3. Thanks, Kim. I really appreciate it. We aren’t really willing to relocate…but I do know that with some patience (and God’s grace) something will come along. 🙂

  4. Still praying’, darlin! God’s got this!

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