Hallway and Hall Bath

From the guest bedroom, you enter the hallway, which is filled with my cross collection. Also, on the left of the pic, you can see the beautiful watercolor print of OBU we have. It features the Tiger, Cone Bottoms and Berry Chapel.

Some more crosses. The big plaque-looking thing on the left is a cross in a treble clef (music symbol) with the sheet music for Amazing Grace on it. I love it! The fun turquoise cross on the right of the door is from Mexico, and the one to its right at the bottom my Grandma brought back for me from Canada. International crosses! 🙂
The cross on the left (almost out of the pic) was made by a speech student of mine at U of A who made crosses to raise money for an African family she met while on a mission trip. She was selling crosses to raise money to send their daughter to school. Its beautiful wire and beads.
The from the hallway, you enter the hall bath. Very colorful!
I love my colorful towels in here!
This is the left sink. The little glass jar thingy I found at a flea market in Hot Springs and plan to fill it with cotton balls (just have to remember to put them on my Walmart list!)
This is the right sink.
This is a view of both sinks with the big linen cabinet separating them. I love the split sinks. And I love our custom cabinets. They are so beautiful and handcrafted.
This is the potty room. Both toilets in our house have their own little stall and door for privacy.
And this is over by the shower. The sign above the towels says “Count Your Blessings”
And this is the shower open. I don’t know if you can tell, but the shower has this awesome faux-tile look.
And that’s the hallway and hall bath!


  1. Love your colorful towels {and recognize that Southern Living at Home tray on the toilet} 🙂

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