Hanson at the KS State Fair

Hanson at the KS State Fair

I have been looking forward to this show for months now, and it didn’t disappoint!

This was Tyler’s second show, but I feel like it was a better experience than the first (at a beer/wine festival- it was a little crazy).

We went in when doors opened and got a GREAT spot on the floor.


We had shirts made. His said “I’m here because I love my wife and my wife loves Hanson” and mine is lyrics “All my friends are here, I don’t want to go home”


Tyler stepped out to grab us drinks and they were all giant. Oh well. Bring on the fun.


We were pretty excited.


The show was fantastic. They played like 1.5 hours. The weather was great. I always love a concert in the wind and watching the moon come out was nice. Tyler actually enjoyed some of the music, and I loved having him there.

Some concert shots:


SO happy. My band. My love.


After the show, we went out for food and then came back in for the DJ set. We didn’t stay too long because we were on our feet all day, but it was a GREAT show.

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