Hanson Day 2014 is on the Books!

Hanson Day 2014 is on the Books!

Saturday when Taylor and Kristin were here, we watched Hanson’s livestream where they announced two big events for the year: Hanson Day and Back to the Island.  I WISH I could go to Cancun for Back to the Island…but that’s not in the plans. However, Hanson Day is. 🙂

I’m super excited for Hanson Day this year.  We know our way around Tulsa a bit better, so that’s a plus.  And the events this year sound awesome. The “theme” of the weekend is the 10th anniversary of their album Underneath. So lots of headphones and good music to be celebrated.

The events include special lectures with the guys, fan photos (I’ll get a photo with the band!!!), a bigger concert, an after party with DJ Taylor, the art gallery, bowling tournament, and more fun!

I’m probably the most excited to hear Zac talk about all the songs they’ve released online over the years and get a photo.  Not to mention the concert. 🙂

And spending a weekend with my girls is pretty great, too.

May 16….hurry up and get here!


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