Hanson Day 2014- MOE Concert

Hanson Day 2014- MOE Concert

Typically, the Hanson Day MOE (Member’s Only Event) concert is a short one.  The guys put out a new fan club EP each year, so the concert usually is them performing the new music (often the one and only time they will only play it live!). That in and of itself is exciting…but they promised us a bit bigger show this year since they aren’t planning to tour in the US.

And boy did they deliver!  They played 23 songs!  A full show, and some songs that are VERY rare for them to play.  In fact, before the show, me, Kristin, Taylor, and our new friend Jennifer all talked about the song we would LOVE to hear (but we were unlikely to hear).  Me and K said “Sunny Day/Cecelia”, Taylor said “Down”, and Jennifer said “Man from Milwaukee” … and they were all played!

I wish I could explain the joy I feel at a Hanson concert.  It’s like all the wonderful things in my life bubbling over.  During love songs, I think about my amazing husband and the relationship we have.  During their old music, I reminisce about my youth and remember the ease life had back in 1997.

They came out with new CDs my junior year of high school and during college…so those songs remind me of those wonderful times in my life.  Literally, most of my life seasons (since 5th grade) have been marked by Hanson music. I remember after I started driving that most of my drives ended with the windows down playing “Penny and Me.”  In college, “Fire on the Mountain” was my song as it told of the purpose I was seeking in life.

So hearing this music (even though this was the 9th concert) is just special.  It just makes me happy.  I smiled so much that by the end of the concert my jaw hurt.

There were some special songs for me.  Of course, Sunny Day (which I wanted to hear). It’s just a happy song.  I love to play it on my way home with the windows down.

Stories was also neat.  It’s from their old 3 Car Garage album.  They don’t play it often.  But I remember being “in love” in like 7th grade and singing Stories about that boy. 🙂

I loved hearing the songs from last year’s fan club album.  We were there when they debuted that music, and now that we know it, it was fun to hear it.

But the most exciting moment was Man from Milwaukee.

It was the bonus track on the Middle of Nowhere CD that I got back in 1997 when I was in 5th grade.  I LOVED that song.  My favorite Hanson, Zac, sang it.  It was funny.  It was upbeat and I could dance to it.  It was my jam.

They also very rarely play it….so I didn’t think I would ever hear it.  But when that intro started, I just pictured little 5th grade me.  She was in the backseat of mom’s van with her headphones on.  Middle of Nowhere was spinning in her Walkman (because mom didn’t want to hear it over the stereo for the 10000th time).  She felt so good when that song came on.  She never thought she would see Hanson live because they never came to Little Rock (which was as far as mom would take me to a concert back then).

When they played that song, I wished that little 5th grade girl was with me.  I wish she was jumping around to the song.  I wish she was seeing Zac sing it.  But then I started crying because she WAS there – and now there is more meaning from their music. And now there is more love in my heart for that band.  It’s silly to think I love a band so much….but it makes sense to me.  They’ve been there with me since I was 10.  They’ve never let me down.  They are the only band whose CDs I buy the day they are released.  The only band I own their ENTIRE musical library.  And in that moment, I felt the joy of that 5th grade girl FINALLY hearing her favorite song being played live. So yeah, I’m the girl who cried during Man from Milwaukee.

The setlist was awesome.  I’m so thankful they love their fans enough to do this amazing weekend and concert for us.

MOE 2014 Setlist
On the road
Show me the way
What’s your name
Panic in the streets
White collar crime
Sunny day / Cecelia
Penny and me
Never let go
Roller coaster love
Scream and be free
Thinking of you
Runaway run
And I waited
Get up and go
Already home
Sound of light
Best of times
Man from Milwaukee
Waiting for this
In the city


  1. Most of my life I don’t particularly tag one band.. But I have songs that always bring back memories and I know how old I was when I first heard it! ❤️ Those feelings!

  2. And I teared up reading this I was so excited for you!! Great job writing about it, I felt like I was there!!

  3. this is so awesome! i used to love Man from Milwaukee.

  4. What a happy experience! There are certain songs I hear that take me back to special, happy, sad, or important times in my life too. As for singers, there was an obscure one who had a voice I loved back in high school, who disappeared for years and years. Then 2 years ago, he popped up in my little town of Van Buren of all places for a concert! Yep, I cried then too. It just brought back so many smiles. 🙂

  5. Is this the same Hanson that did MMBop? I need to check them out again! You wrote this up beautifully.

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