Hanson Day 2018: Day 2

Hanson Day 2018: Day 2

We had an interesting night- Emily’s roommate had an issue back at home and called her at just after midnight to handle it. But after some stirring in the night, we slept in and went to breakfast at Dilly Diner.

Continuing the theme of food as big as my head, I got this GIANT cinnamon roll. It was AMAZING.

One of our favorite things to do on Saturday is to walk around the Blue Dome Arts Festival.  Music, amazing artists and food trucks- what more can you want?

We all did quite a bit of shopping around the festival and enjoyed the sunshine.

After the festival, we walked towards the art gallery and found a SUPER cute shop called Made.  We all bought treasures there, and then headed to the art gallery.  You can’t take pictures in there, but I did buy a canvas print that Zac made for my dining room!

After the gallery, it was definitely pool time!  It was warm and sunny and we hung out at the pool for a couple of hours.

I love the rooftop pool at the Hyatt. It’s so neat to see this perspective on the city.

It was neat to see signs all across the area welcoming fans.  This was the biggest H Day crowd yet, so there were lots of us crawling around downtown.

After swimming, we got ready for the concert! Another fun night at Cain’s!

The show was great. They played the new EP, fan club music from years past and then some classics.

After the concert, we headed to dinner at Yokozuna- where we lucked into NO WAIT AT ALL.  Amazing sushi, great drinks and lots of laughs.

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