Hanson Day 2018: Day 3

Hanson Day 2018: Day 3

We may have been heading home on Day 3, but we managed to squeeze in a LOT of fun before we left.

We made a stop by the Golden Driller after we checked out of the hotel. He’s a Tulsa must-see!

We had a GREAT breakfast at a spot called Table 20 (which we found out was newly opened).  All of our food and coffee was delicious.

After breakfast, we hit up Trader Joe’s.  It’s one of mine and Amber’s traditions to hit up TJs on the way home.

But before we left Tulsa, we made one more stop to see Hanson’s childhood home.  They sort of openly talked about where it was, so it was easy to find.  I won’t post pictures out of respect for the people currently living there, but it was neat to see.

Then we headed home (and had to stop at the gas station on the toll road for one more snack stop!). That’s a wrap until next year!

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