Hanson Day 2019

Hanson Day 2019

Hanson Day is one of my favorite things each year.  I get a weekend away with friends to a city I love (Tulsa), great food, and Hanson concerts. Over the years, we’ve made some traditions including a local Tulsa art festival…and I just couldn’t love it more.

The weekend this year was longer- 4 days for most fans- but it was cut short to just 2 days for me since I had to leave and go to Caitlyn’s graduation.

Amber and Emily came to my house from Memphis late Wednesday and we went straight to Tulsa on Thursday morning.

We got registered quickly and then walked around and got lunch. Kim chi fries from Lone Wolf hit the spot! So good!


The Hanson stuff was BUSY that afternoon.  We thought it was due to it just being the first day, but turns out it was just a big attendance and things were busy all weekend.

We spent the afternoon sort of hunting murals! It was fun to walk around Tulsa and see some art.

This BIG mural is by the BOK center. Lots of fun imagery that Hanson has adopted- headphones, bison, lightning bolts, etc.


And we found this Tulsa flag one, too!


That afternoon, Hanson did an acoustic show that they call a Storytellers- since they do a bit more talking than a typical concert. This year it was mostly music from the Underneath album- one of my faves!

And as always, I LOVE being in Cain’s Ballroom!


After a fantastic concert, we hit up another tradition: Caz’s Chowhouse! Shocker to anyone who’s been there with me: I didn’t get the chicken fried steak. Instead, I got a chicken sandwich that was great.


And of course, we went to Glacier for chocolates (this was actually our second Glacier- we got gelato at their bean-to-bar location earlier in the day! Not mad about it).


Friday, we spent a ton of time waiting at the store, but it was sort of our only opportunity. Whatever. It’s worth it. We also got breakfast and coffee from Marie Antoinette Bakery while we waited. A really great biscuit and chai.


We usually hit up the Blue Dome Arts Festival, but it wasn’t happening. Instead, they expanded May Fest, so we got to see the art there. It was fun to see artists we’ve come to love and find some new people to enjoy. And we also ate street food for lunch! HELLO INDIAN TACO!


When circling back from Mayfest to our hotel, we found a CUTE bookstore and then saw that Glacier had painted their window with one of our favorite fan club songs. #photoop


The weather was gorgeous! Like mid-80s and sunny, so of course we hit up the rooftop pool for a bit! Nothing like some drinks, sunshine, pool time and friends.


We had Andolini’s pizza delivered while we got ready. Another great food choice. YUM.


We walked next door to the Tulsa Performing Arts Center for String Theory- Hanson’s venture into a show partnering with the symphony. It’s toured the entire world (London, Sydney Opera House, all across the US) and Amber and Emily had already seen it (to be honest, most of the fans there had already seen it). I hadn’t.

I was GIDDY to finally see this show. It was sold out- and super fun to see them on the marquee!


The show was breathtaking. I think on it’s own, the String Theory show was special. But this was extra- their hometown. We saw their family on the first two rows. The place was PACKED with super fans from across the globe. And the final two songs had this community feeling that I’ve never felt before. We were standing, singing, using our lights…it was beautiful.


I HATED to leave, but after String Theory I had to head back home. We do love NY, but we also LOVE Tulsa.  Here’s to next year!


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