Hanson Day Weekend 2016

Hanson Day Weekend 2016

This weekend was a GREAT one.  It was my 4th Hanson Day!  My usual Hanson buds couldn’t go, but my friend Amber was up for the adventure!

Amber has actually been to 2 Hanson concerts with me- so it was fun to dig a little deeper into the Hanson experience with her.

She came to our house Friday evening. We had a funny moment when she tried to help me figure out my maternity pillow.

We should have taken a video.  Things heard: “You look like you’re riding a giant seahorse!”

Saturday morning we set off for Tulsa. I wore my “Future Hanson Fan” shirt.

We had Mexican food on our way into town (duh. All queso, all the time).

Then we got in line for registration. Sadly, everything was running on Hanson Time (aka late) so we were a bit pressed for time before the first event.

But we got it together. We hit up the store and bought some T-Shirts before the State of the Band. We also saw Zac while we were waiting at the store.

State of the Band featured some great news: tour next year, new album, new Christmas album, and a BIG Hanson Day next year.  I know I’ll have a baby, but I should be able to at least swing the concert since I’m so close to Tulsa.

After the State of the Band, we headed to the Blue Dome Arts Festival to get some dinner at Yokozuna.

But we couldn’t resist walking around the festival some. I even bought this CUTE elephant for the circus nursery!

Amber got a flaming sushi roll! Yum! I don’t know if you can see it, but it’s on fire!

After dinner, we had a bit of a road rage incident where a lady was yelling at us. But we escaped.  We made it to the concert.

They played some new music, a new EP coming out in the fall, and then played some faves.

Sunday we slept in a bit, then did some shopping.  Hit up Trader Joe’s then got brunch at Brookside By Day. YUM.  Delish breakfast on the patio.

After breakfast, we stopped at BuyBuyBaby to get the diaper bag I wanted and then headed home.

We made it back around 2 on Sunday so we could nap before Monday hit. 🙂

It was a different Hanson Day weekend since we just did the concert, but it was still great. Any chance to see the band, dance around, and enjoy their music is great.


  1. I live in Tulsa, work in downtown Tulsa, and LOVE the flaming sushi roll at Yokozuna! YUM!!

    • Oh fun! I usually get the Red Cross Roll or the one with the coconut shrimp and mango (name escapes me at the moment). Their food is SO good. Don’t even get me started on the sweet potato fries! Yum!

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