Hanson Day Weekend: Day 1

Hanson Day Weekend: Day 1

I’m back from Hanson Day…and it was honestly one of the best weekends of my life.  To have fun girl time, laugh a ton, listen to AMAZING music, and just feel like a genuine part of my favorite band….was magical.  I promise this may sound like I’m exaggerating to you, but it was truly special.
I worked half a day on Friday, and then Taylor and Kristin picked me up on the way.  (side note: I met these girls through blogging…and I am SO blessed to now call them friends.  They are so funny, genuine, fun, and wonderful.  We started out sharing Hanson in common, but now I think I am safe to call us friends.).
We arrived in Tulsa around 2 (after a slight detour due to missing the turnpike!) and saw a LOOOOOONG line for checkin.  We were ready to settle in and wait, when all of a sudden, a worker goes “Is anyone here for session 1?  There is a separate line.”  Well, we were in session 1…and that line had like 2 people in it.  So we registered in a hot minute…and then decided to get in line for the store.
For whatever reason, there was only one girl in line for the store.  So we were right by the door. We had to wait a couple hours in line (hello people watching and talking!), people were setting up the store and art gallery next door.
The store was in their recording studio- 3CG records.
THE wristband.  Got us in to all the events.
So while we waited, family members and friends were coming in and out hauling boxes and stuff.  Then all of a sudden, out came Zac!  OMG!  We were so shocked all we could do was smile at him.  He said hello, and went next door to the gallery!  What?
When he came back, we had a little small talk, and this time remembered to get out our camera!
This was the loooong line for the store.
Taylor, Kristin, and Me.
Another Zac sighting! 🙂
And a close up. ha!  He was being so funny and friendly.
While we were waiting, we got to talk with many of their family members.  Their sister Zoe was PRECIOUS and so sweet.
When the store finally opened, we were the first 6 that got to go in.  I bought WAY too much Hanson merch…including a Hanson Day shirt, Hanson cookie cutters, a set of Hanson drinking glasses, and a Hanson ring.  Now I can wear my love every day!
After we left downtown, we check out Ida Red – a local Oklahoma store.  They had tons of cool merchandise, including a couple shirts I HAD to have.  Hanson often sings Three Dog Night’s song “I’ve Never Been to Spain” for an encore.  Well, they had a shirt with some of the lyrics (“I’ve never been to Heaven, but I’ve been to Oklahoma”) on it…and I had to have it.  I also bought an exclusive Hanson Day printing of the I heart Tulsa shirt.
Then we had a GREAT dinner at Los Cabos.  SUCH a wonderful first day.  More to come tomorrow!


  1. So admit it… you’re still wearing your Hanson wristband today, aren’t you? *wink*

    I’m proud of you (and also slightly shocked) that you didn’t chase down and tackle Zac at that very first sighting. Way to show some self control, girl!!!

    Was the mariachi band at Los Cabos??? Did you ask Elvis to sing some Hanson music??? Wahaha! Glad you had fun!!!

    • Yes, the wristband is still on. I can’t bring myself to cut it off yet. I didn’t tackle him…but I was proud that I just chatted with him. I didn’t fangirl (much). The mariachi band was there, but there was a private party in the back…so they were back there most of the time. But I was TOTALLY going to request Hanson. But they never came around. :/

  2. Best weekend EVER!!!!! So glad we met through blogging, bonded over Hanson, and now we’re friends!!! Loved this weekend so much and love you!

  3. I cant wait to read more. Awesome pics and I am so jealous you got that close to Zac. He was my fave and heck still is. That will never change. I’m just shocked at how Taylor had 5 kids before turning 30. man was he working it or what. 😉 Glad to know you had fun. Who wouldnt at a Hanson event. I’ve never been and never been to a concert ever.

  4. OMGOMGOMG. Why did I not know about this??? I’m an hour and a half away from Tulsa!!

    • Oh girl…it happens every year around May 6 (the actual Hanson Day). You just have to join the fan club and register for the events! So fun! Come along next year! 🙂

  5. fun all around!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

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