Hanson Day Weekend: Day 2

Hanson Day Weekend: Day 2

As awesome as day 1 was, I knew we had a GREAT day in store for us.
Hanson.net planned a bowling championship for the members.  We signed up for a team and got paired with three international people!  They were from Denmark, London, and Canada!  What?!
We had a good time bowling.  We didn’t place (not even in the top 10 teams!) but it was fun.  The bowling alley was a neat retro alley where you kept score on paper.  I’m pretty good with bowling, so I volunteered to keep score…but then I got flustered keeping up and asked Kristin to download an app.  And the app was difficult to use, futher flustering me! ha!  (and I’m sure this had NOTHING to do with the apple ale we were drinking! ha!).  But nonetheless, we had a great time!
Hanson.net even gave us ADORABLE shirts and each team had a different color shirt!
Our bowling team!
They raffled off a Hanson bowling ball, but I didn’t win. :/  We also interacted quite a bit with their brother, Mac at the bowling alley.  He is a trip!  Talked in circles, wouldn’t let us take a pic with him, and super awkward! ha!
While we waited for the last round of bowling, we decided to eat at the bowling alley.  And y’all.  I had this amazing sandwich!  It was two waffles, with a burger, carmelized onions, and peanut butter.  And it was AWESOME.
Zac showed up to hand out the awards.  *le sigh*
After bowling, they went on a walk.  Hanson hosts these barefoot walks around the country (usually before concerts) to raise money.  They have been on TOMS shoe drops before, and they also raise money to build wells and stuff.  Pretty neat.  I went on a walk with them in Austin and got HUGE blisters.  On Saturday, it was cold and wet in Tulsa.  Pair that with the blister thing, and we decided not to go to the walk.
So we made our way to the Hanson art gallery.  They had original artwork and photography on display and for sale.  I purchased a signed/autographed work of photography. It is being shipped to me.  Its a sign from a diner they ate at/walked by/not sure where it is….but the sign reads “Bertha’s Diner”  Well, I’m named after my grandma Bertha.  So it was special to me!
While we were checking out at the art gallery, Taylor saw on Instagram that ALL THREE HANSONS were on the walk.  Well, we missed the start of the walk.  So we found out where it was ending and high-tailed it over there!  We waited in the car until the crowd arrived, and then listed to Hanson speak.
We got some great pics of Issac (we call this the money shot!)
And Taylor.
We camped out in Zac’s area after the walk and got a picture with him!!
After the walk, we had a listening party.  Hanson was so gracious to let us hear the WHOLE album.  We sat down and heart Anthem, from start to finish.  Taylor may have cried. 🙂  I may have gotten chills several times. These boys are so talented.  The songs are amazing and I can’t wait for people to hear them!
We came back to the hotel, took epic naps, and then had an AAAAAAAAAAMAZING dinner at Caz’s Chowhouse.  Yummy comfort food (chicken fried steak, cornbread, sweet tea).  After dinner, we went to the Circle Cinema to see re:Made in America – a documentary showing Hanson making the new album, Anthem.  It was SO neat to see the inside process of them writing, demoing, and recording the album.  I loved it.
That night, we stayed up until 2 a.m. talking and having the best time.  Loved every minute.
The last (and best day) to come tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I am so glad! I wanted to let you know God is using you. . . I had a lady tell me she had met you and you were so kind and loving to her! Keep that Jesus Light Shining Girl!!!!

  2. what a day!!! sounds like a fabulous experience for everyone!! blessings all around!!

  3. Wow. surprised Mac wouldnt let ya’ll get a pic. Why’s he like that? how old is he now? What about the other siblings? i can only think of Avery. My mind has clearly slipped and I need to update my brain on Hanson all together.

    Sounds like you had a blast. great pics. Who was your fave back in the day?

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