Hanson Day Weekend: Day 3

Hanson Day Weekend: Day 3

Sunday morning, we got up and headed down to a coffee shop for breakfast.  We actually noticed this coffee shop because the day before, we saw Taylor duck in for some coffee.  They had some SUPER yummy breakfast tacos.  Actually, while we were waiting, we saw their brother Mac and some fans we had run into before.

After breakfast, we just decided to go ahead and get in line for the concert.  There were probably 30 or so people ahead of us.  So we sat, read magazines, talked, ate snacks, and waited.  At 1, they let us in the venue.

We got GREAT seats.  Like third row center seats.

Poor Kristin got so excited (it was her first Hanson concert!) she could barely contain herself.

They were a little late starting (always on Hanson time!), but then they came out….and this happened.

All three on guitars.  What?

I about blew my lid.  You sometimes see Zac at the piano, but I’ve never seen him with a guitar. And I’m pretty certain I’ve only ever seen Taylor at the piano or bongos (or, praise the Lord, the harmonica). But all three on guitar.

They started out telling us they were actually going to play and record the new fan club EP!  They send out an exclusive EP each year with songs just for the fan club.  They had mics set up in the audience, and wanted us to be a part of it!  They played a great song (which Zac sang!) called On and On…and we got to sing “on and on” as an echo.  Loved it.

Then they did something incredible.  If you can tell from the picture, there are two drum sets on stage.  From the documentary, we knew that Taylor played drums on a song…so I didn’t think too much about it.  I thought they might play that song, and had  a drum set for Taylor AND Zac.  But no.  They BOTH sat down at drum sets.  Ike played bass, and they double drummed.  I think the song was Roller Coaster Love?  But y’all.  Amazing.  These guys are talented.  Sure, I love that they are cuties, but I REALLY love their music.  They are so creative.

They continued through the fan club EP, ending with a song called “The Sound of Light.”  LOVED it.

They took a short set break, and came back out and played songs from the new album.  Fired Up (which will be featured in some OKC Thunder vids!), Scream and Be Free (Taylor’s new favorite!), I’ve Got Soul (possibly one of my new faves!) Get the Girl Back, and a beautiful song called Already Home.

We danced and fell even more in love with these three boys.

They came back out and sat down answering some fan questions.  I LOVE that they are so personal with their fans.  An awesome moment happened too.  There was a funny question about monkeys, and Zac referenced bonobo monkeys.  Well, I had seen this video, and did the monkey climb move…and he saw me in the audience. He pointed to me and said “She has seen it!” ha!  Noticed by Hanson…I die.

After the Q&A, sadly, the concert was over.  We headed back to Arkansas.

I just feel so blessed after this weekend. It is crazy to think the first album came out in 1997.  I was 10.  Now I’m 25, and still in love with these boys and their music.  Not in the same way I was then.  Back then, I loved dancing around to “Where’s the Love” with my friends.  Now, I adore the deep lyrics and their ability to create something so original.  They still make my heart go pitter-patter, but like any “relationship” you are in for that long, it evolves into something much more.

A coworker said to me, “Good thing your favorite artist isn’t Justin Timberlake or something.  You’d never get to do all of this with him.”  And he is so right.  While I would love for everyone to LOVE Hanson the way I do, I’m thankful that they can make music and be personal enough with us.  Personal enough to let a thousand of us in their hometown to hang for the weekend.  It is awesome.

I am going to see them twice in the fall, and I can’t wait.  I can’t wait to hear this music live again.  I can’t wait to see Zac smile after a great song.  I can’t wait to dance next to some amazing friends and take in the moment.  I can’t wait to share in that again.  It is more than three cute guys.  It is more than just the music.  It is honestly the whole experience that I love.  And I’m so proud to be a Hanson fan.


  1. How fun! I just listed to MMM Bop last night in the car on the way home and was wondering what these boys were up to!

  2. Amen.

  3. cuties doesnt even describe it hun. and I’m still amazed at Taylor having what 5 kids before he turned 30. Dang he’s blessed and his wife is lucky. My bestie from high school is obsessed with them even after this long and has I think 2 hanson tats

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