Hanson Meet and Greet at Pickles Pub

Hanson Meet and Greet at Pickles Pub

So yesterday at work, I took a short lunch and left at 3:30 to head to Tulsa.  I had a good drive there – no rain and hardly any traffic. I got there right in time for the event – a Hanson meet and greet at Pickles Pub.  It was a bigger bar with a nice patio area, and it was full, but not packed.
I met up with Tyler’s cousin Jennifer.  She lives in Tulsa and met me there after work.  We grabbed an Mmmhops and a seat and waited a few minutes before the band showed up.

No one was sure how this event was going down.  There was a table with three chairs set up near the front of the bar, so I thought maybe there would be a more formal meet and greet.  But once the guys came in, they just split up around the room mingling.  Ike actually stopped at our table first.  He is SO nice.  He shook our hands, got our names, thanked us for coming, and talked with us for a good 5-10 minutes.  We talked about the sweeter, smoother taste of Mmmhops (and he told me I had a great palate to notice that!).  I asked him about the event, and he said that the guys were just mingling around, to enjoy my drink and they would be coming around.  So we took a selfie together (side note: I said “Hey Ike, can we take a selfie? Come around here!” and he said “A selfie is EXACTLY the sort of thing we should be doing here!” ha!)…and then he talked to another table.  
After that table, he went to the bar to get a drink, and then the poor guy got trapped there.  People were crowding around him (and the other guys too) so they didn’t really get to mingle. 

At one point, Taylor got on the mic and asked everyone to raise their Mmmhops for a picture and he thanked the bar and everyone for coming out.

At 6:45, we decided that we should get up and try and talk to Taylor and Zac (and join the crowd around them)…but all of a sudden, someone from the bar came and got the guys, took them outside for a picture by the sign, and then they never came back in.  I’m not sure if the bar said they were finished (there was a cover band starting to play at 7), or if the guys decided to leave (nothing was out of hand?), but it was a bit odd.  They were only there for 45 minutes or so, which wasn’t even time for Ike to finish his beer! ha!
After the event, I went to Whole Foods and grabbed dinner and some groceries and headed home.  I actually got to talk with my bestie Alden the whole drive home, so that was GREAT.  
I don’t regret going, I only wish we had been more aggressive and gotten to talk with the other guys as well.  But oh well.  Ya live, ya learn. 🙂
It was GREAT to catch up with Jen, shop at Whole Foods, and do something a little crazy on a Monday night. 


  1. Sounds like such a fun time!!!

  2. Ike is always so nice!

  3. I had such a great time! Can’t wait for our next Hanson adventure! 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great time to me!

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