Hanson Meet and Greet

Hanson Meet and Greet

Back in May at Hanson Day 2014, we got to have a photo op with the band.
They basically let in groups of 10 or so for a quick picture.  It wasn’t super personal or anything, but as always, the guys were SO nice…thanking you for coming, shaking hands, and being great.
We finally got the high resolution copy of our picture.  My friends Kristin and Taylor are on the far left in the front row…and our bowling teammate Jennifer is in the back right by Zac.  The rest of the people we don’t know…they are just other fan club members.
It’s a nice reminder of that fun weekend!August Goal update:
1. No fast food- Good!  Had lunch out with a friend yesterday. It wasn’t fast food, but planned my meal to make sure I ate in my plan. I also had to leave early to run an errand before work and didn’t stop for fast food.  Win. 
2. No bingeing. I did have a serving too many of crackers yesterday for a snack…but I was able to stop myself…so not a binge. 
3. No chips and salsa. Good.  
4.Worked out Saturday and Monday mornings.  Technically two this week.
5. I’ve had no drinks. 


  1. Love reading your goals! Weight loss has been a constant battle for me. Glad to know others have the same struggles I have.

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