Happy Days!

Happy Days!

Remi’s school had a 50s party. They had one last year, but I didn’t really do anything for it. But this year, she’s bigger and can participate more, so we are ALL IN for the fun parties.

I ended up making her a poodle skirt. It’s not perfect, but in typical mom fashion, it was made the night before with love.

It was so easy to make- the only sewing was the waistband ribbon.  I actually made it adjustable since she will have several more years of 50s parties (and I’m afraid of sewing elastic).

She looked SO stinking cute.

Daycare makes the cutest backdrops and they always take pics for the parties. We made sure to get one of Remi and Connor. I work with his momma. These two actually had the same due date- but he came early and she came late…so they are like 3 weeks apart.

Sweet baby friends!

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