Happy Early Birthday

Every holiday is a big deal in my family. And birthdays are considered holidays.

Well Tyler’s birthday is Sunday. So we will do a big celebration this weekend. But one thing he asked for was a chocolate chip cheesecake. I know that his mom is bringing a cake to the shop Saturday, and I didn’t want us to have too much to eat, so I made the cheesecake and gave it to him last night. It is cracked and doesn’t look magazine-pretty, but it is GOOD. It is a random recipe I googled and tried the first time I used my KitchenAid, and it is basically the best cheesecake ever. It makes super creamy, but light cheesecake that isn’t too sweet. And it makes a super tall cheesecake. And the crust is to die for! It is made from Nilla Wafers instead of graham crackers. Tyler just loves it and I hope he enjoys his birthday cheesecake!

I also put the birthday plates in my plate holder. I got the top plate from Kirkland’s and the bottom one off eBay.
Happy early birthday Tyler!

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