Headed Home {OBU Homecoming}

This weekend is homecoming at our alma mater, Ouachita Baptist University.  It is a wonderful place.  Somehow, spending four years on this campus, with the most amazing people, makes this place feel like home as much as sleeping in my old bed at my parent’s.  There is something magical at OBU.  Just walking around campus, seeing friendly faces, and remembering is so wonderful.
Along with seeing friends, new buildings, and reliving memories…one of the highlights is Tiger Tunes.  I’ve talked about it before, but wanted to repost about it.
I blogged about the Sailor show (from my senior year…when I was director) here.
I finally found the Farmer show video online (it was hidden in years of photos). I was the assistant director (and had a solo…Heat Wave!). Good show.  We placed third (by a miracle! it was a good show, but there were lots of good shows that year!).  PS. you might want to turn your volume down before watching.  My friends who were filming screamed awfully load at the beginning. (Hey Walley and Kenley!  If you are reading…miss you!)


I was also a Tunes Host my sophomore year (blogged a bit about that here). We basically rocked the house.  Like students at OBU still talk about how amazing our year of hosts were (not brag…but we were awesome.)

And we can’t forget when we were Christmas elves my freshmen year.  That was a trainwreck of a show…but it was fun! 🙂
I can’t wait to see my lovely ladies of Tri Chi in their “Circus” themed show this year! Hope they take home the top prize!
See ya after the weekend!


  1. When you said OBU feels like home and there’s magic there, that’s just how I feel about Harding 🙂 It’s so nice to go back and see everyone again. Harding has Spring Sing and I was in it my freshman year and a director my junior year and the year I was a director we did…sailors! haha! I smiled when I saw you had done sailors at Tiger Tunes. When did you graduate from OBU? And what club were you in? One of my friends, Marci, was in EEE (is that right?).

    • Sailors too?! LOVE it! I came to Spring Sing my sophomore or junior year (don’t remember exactly)…I graduated from OBU in 2009. I know a Marci- last name was Morgan? I was in her same class. I was a Tri Chi.

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