Headed to Hanson Day

Headed to Hanson Day

I’m so excited that my friends Taylor and Kristin will be here tonight…and tomorrow we head to Hanson Day!


It’s our third year to go, and I can’t wait.  It’s always fun to see our favorite band, but it’s also fun to spend time together, eat good food, and shop! 🙂

This year we aren’t doing quite as much of the “Hanson sponsored” activities- we are skipping out on bowling and the movie.  But we are going to everything that the band is doing- the concert (duh!), the talks, and the state of the band.  And of course, the after party!

But we will have a little more down time to explore Tulsa and spend with each other.

It’s a funny thing- this Hanson Day weekend.  You actually find so many others like us, who initially met and became friends over our love of Hanson.  I met both of them blogging and then we realized we were all major Hanson fans.  And they were from Arkansas.  So three years ago, I basically emailed them and said, “Look, I’m going to Hanson Day….alone or with you.  So come if you want!”  And they did!  And I’m SO glad.  We’ve become great friends since then- all because of our love of Hanson in the beginning….but now it’s much more than that.

And you find so many groups of friends at Hanson Day with the same story.  I love it.  I love that we all love the music, but we’ve found friendships beyond that.  It’s awesome.

So I’ll be back Monday with an epic recap of the weekend!  Check my Instagram for pics as things happen.  It’s gonna be fun!

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