Health Update

So the doctor yesterday thinks that Tyler and I got a bacterial or viral infection…likely from the meal we ate Sunday for dinner. She told me that rest and easy foods and time would make it better…there was not much to do in the way of medicine. I am feeling better, but poor Ty is not. He has still not gotten a good night’s sleep and is starting to be super cranky…so if you would, say a prayer for my sweet husband that he would get to feeling better ASAP.
Also, while I was at the doctor, she wanted to re-test my sugar. If you remember, over the summer, my A1C level (a measure of sugar levels over 3-4 months) was high…pre-diabetic high. Well I am sooooo happy to report that as of today, my sugar level is NORMAL! Praise the Lord! Between being conscious of what I am eating in terms of sugar, and losing weight…it is only getting better. The doctor was so proud of me!
I weighed in today, and I have lost a total of 17 pounds! Woohoo! MRC is working for me! I am so happy with all of these postive health changes in my life!

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