Healthy Delicious Food without Grocery Shopping

Healthy Delicious Food without Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping with a baby is tough.

The car seat sits in the cart, so there just isn’t room for a full cart of groceries. I’ve been doing some grocery pickup, but it can be tough to meal plan and remember to add everything to your order.

Enter Hello Fresh.

I got a free box to review, but all of these opinions are 100% my own.

The box came delivered right to our door step. It had 3 meals for 4 people….so 12 servings of food inside. Sometimes after watching Remi all day our moms will stay for dinner, so this was perfect for feeding all of us.

It was all cold and had cool packs in it so everything was fresh, even though it sat on my doorstep all day until I got from work.

We got three recipes: poblano beef chili, chicken peanut noodles, and Parmesan crusted cod.

They were all ready in 30 minutes or less. And to be honest, it was WAY more than 4 servings for each box! The recipe cards included nutrition info so I could track it in MyFitnessPal!

All of the “extras” like the sour cream and cheese for the chili were included.

It was SUPER easy to cook and follow the recipe cards. And since everything was perfectly portioned out, it was fast. No digging through the pantry, dirtying measuring bowls. SUPER simple.

And it was DELICIOUS.

The chili had a little kick (if I were making it for kids I would have left the poblanos out) but it was hearty and so yummy. Mom ate this meal with us and she loved it, and she doesn’t love spicy food. I also took the chili leftovers for lunch and they were perfect reheated.

I had never made fresh fish before, only frozen. It was so simple, delicious and light. Things like fresh garlic that I normally don’t buy made this so fresh tasting. This came with a side of potatoes and carrots and were delicious. Nancy ate this meal with us and she loved it. 

We scarfed down the noodles before I took a picture. ha!

If you’re busy, don’t have time/energy to grocery shop, or just want to try some new foods…I highly recommend Hello Fresh.

You can use the code BRITNEYL30 for $30 off your first box!

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