Healthy Natural Dog Chews

Healthy Natural Dog Chews

This month from Chewy, I chose these unique all-natural dog chews.  They are Dr. Harvey’s Sweet Potate’r chews.

*like always, I received these for free, but all opinions are my own and my dogs’*

I don’t normally give our dogs “chews” because of a couple reasons. First, traditional rawhides are pressed, ground, and shaped into the pieces you buy- and they can easily break off and become a hazard for your pet. Second, they are full of chemicals!

My boys have sensitive tummies…but even without that, I don’t want to give them something that could be harmful to them.

So when I saw these sweet potato chews, I was intrigued.

The label says they are one-ingredient treats. Just sweet potatoes! No salt, no sugar, no dyes, nothing artificial.

They are great for gum and teeth health- which is great because if you knew my Pippin, there is NO way I can wrangle him to brush his teeth.

So how did the dogs like them? I actually tear them in half since my boys are smaller…and they go to town!

Mikey loves to eat his treats in his bed…and he went right there and started chomping!

Pippin gave it the two-paw salute, standing on his hind legs to get a treat! (ignore my “need a pedicure” feet!)

I love giving my pets something healthy and tasty. The dogs love these chews, and I love giving them something that’s good for them.

Chewy is where pet lovers shop. They offer food, treats, toys, and everything for your dog or cat. They make it easy to find (including an awesome live chat!), and it all gets delivered right to your door.

They choose products that are fresh, high quality, and affordable. They have over 18,000 items ready to ship. You can even do food home delivery (we do!) and then you don’t have to worry about running out of food and running to the store. Instead, I just get two bags of food shipped to me every 10 weeks (you can choose your brand, amount, and frequency).  The best part is their auto-ship comes with a discount! Woop!

Give your pet the good stuff. Check out the selection at

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