Her Actual Second Birthday

Her Actual Second Birthday

Remington turned two on a Monday, so we had work/school…but we still had some fun!

She had a special birthday shirt to wear! “It took me 2 years to be this awesome” and she gave me some personality before school showing me her shirt. (Also, side note: I typically don’t send her to school wearing bows…it’s just that I don’t want her teachers to have to keep up with them. But this rainbow bow looked too cute and festive!)

She shared frosted cookies with her friends at school and then after school we took her to Chuck E Cheese for dinner and fun!

Chuck E was dancing and handing out tickets when we got there and she loved hugging him!

We played some games, but she’s most excited about the rides.

We had pizza and salads and played until it was time to go.  I can’t believe our sweet girl is TWO!  I’ll post her two year update soon to give a snapshot of what she’s like now.


But she had a FANTASTIC birthday “season.”  She totally understands the happy birthday concept and enjoyed herself.

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