Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on Its Way

Hippity Hoppity Easter’s on Its Way

We’ve had a fun season leading up to Easter. Remi doesn’t totally get into all the festivities, but she’s had a good time, nonetheless.

The Fraternal Order of Police hosted a fun Easter Egg hunt for the police families. And our family was visiting, so we lugged our whole crew downtown for it.

I snapped a couple pics of her sweet outfit before we went inside. Her Nene and Aunt Sandy bought her this ensemble.

The Easter bunny showed up (looking creepy- but don’t they all?) And sissy was pointing and saying “Bubbo!” (her version of bunny).  We got in line to meet him, and as soon as I handed her over, we got this. Poor girl.  I rescued her.

We went outside for an egg hunt, but she had to be coaxed into picking any up.  I found one and told her “Ball!” and to come get it.  She finally took it.

She just wanted to throw her one egg down and then she would pick it up, put it in her basket, take a few steps, and do it all over again.  Just a one egg hunt.

She’s also had a LOT of Easter fun at school! She met real bunnies, had an egg hunt and more.

They even dyed Easter eggs.  Bless those teachers.  Dying eggs with a bunch of toddlers sounds like a nightmare. But they let the kids have fun.  She loved it!

We hope you have a great Easter holiday. While the bunnies and eggs are fun, it’s really all about Jesus. He came to this Earth- a real person, but also the son of God. He died on a cross to pay a price for us (and rose again!).

See, we all mess up (even when we try to be good people) and none of us are perfect enough to be in the presence of God in Heaven.  But Jesus came to die in exchange for our mess-ups, so we can spend forever in Heaven with God. All you have to do is tell him you accept his gift of life and want to follow him.

Easter is the rejoicing that he died for us and rose again! If you don’t know Jesus or want to know more, please reach out. I’d love for you to hear more about Him and the gift of peace and forgiveness he has for you.

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