Hit a New {Hanson} Low

So I know I have shared before about my love for Hanson.  And I know a few of my bloggy friends have the same obsession love for Hanson…I wanted to share this funny thing from today. I have XM radio in my car and I often like to listen to talk radio, one of my favorite stations is Cosmo radio. Lots of funny stories, celeb gossip and fashion advice (like the mag). 
Well, I follow one of the hosts on Twitter, and I’m at work and my Twitter feed tells me that Hanson is on their show today while I was at work! Well, I got online and immediately subscribed to XM online so I could listen to it at work! ha! 
And they even talked about Arkansas and how the only time they have played here was for a Walmart Shareholders Meeting (if you are from NWA, you know what that is…if you aren’t….its a big meeting every year for people who are Walmart share holders…and there are always concerts and stuff). 
I loved getting to hear my faves live talking on the radio. They didn’t sing (or if they did I missed it). 
Hopefully I will hear it replayed at some point over the weekend so I can hear the whole interview. 
PS. The more interviews I hear with Zac, the more at peace I am that we didn’t end up married. (yes, this is a true statement. I used to honestly believe he was my soulmate). He talks about playing video games all.the.time. I don’t think I could handle that. I would love to kiss those pouty lips…..and have him sing to me whenev…but the video games are just the deal breaker. And yes, I’m totally out of control.

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