Hola! Como esta usted?

I have every other Wednesday evening free now that I’m sharing my Wednesday night Zumba class with another instructor (shoutout to Mary, who is AWESOME for helping me free up some time every other week!).

We’ve started doing dinner at church on Wednesdays (even the weeks I teach) because the fellowship is great, and then Tyler stays for Bible study.

Last week was my first week free to join in on the study…and I went to a Spanish immersion class.

Mind blowing.

See y’all, I took German in school.  Spanish never seemed to come easy to me in elementary school, so when time came to study a language, I ran from Spanish…and the only other option at my high school was German.  Sprechen Sie Duetsch?  Ein bitte.  (Do you speak German?  A bit.)

So I walked into this class.  It was full of a range of speakers, from a native Spanish speaker who was helping the class, to people who had only been there a few weeks….and then me.  Who got all bug eyed when she asked me the question above: Como esta usted?

I had NO IDEA y’all.

But then she started speaking, mostly in Spanish.  I almost could understand. At least the basics.  I got the gist of what she would say.

Then we learned some vocab words and worked on pronunciation.  Because I listen to so much Latin music for Zumba, I could pronounce well (I just had NO idea what I was saying! ha!).

I can only go to this class a couple times a month, but it runs at least until Christmas.  I’m looking forward to learning bits and pieces of a new language.  We are also learning Bible verses in Spanish as well!  Very exciting!

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