Hold on to your hat, Toto…

It has been so windy here.  Not just wind…but gale force winds.  They said yesterday some of the gusts were tropical storm force.
It was so windy it has blown the metal deck furniture we have on the front and back porches all around.  One of my wrough-iron chairs was blown over….our loungers on the front porch are all pushed to one side….my rug has flown to the other side of the porch.  It has been crazy!
We even had to take the wreath off our door because the wind was hitting it and making it “knock” on our door all day and night.
And last night, somehow, a door at Tyler’s shop was left unlocked (a rare occurance…but it does happen occasionally in their hurry to leave work)…and at 5:20 this morning, we got a call that the alarm system was going off.  Tyler didn’t know a door was unlocked…but figured it was.  He told them to send the police.  Well, it wasn’t an intruder….the WIND had blown the door open and closed!  Everything was fine (except for my poor sleep-loving husband who had to drive to town and back at 5:30 this morning!).
They say this wind is a result of a front blowing in…but whatever is causing it,
my hair and I don’t like it!


  1. Tell me about it!! I almost got blown over yesterday! Whew!

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