Home Improvements

We have done some little things here and there to improve our home.  I thought I would share!
I got this little address decal from GroopDealz.  It is etsy deals…a really neat site!  I got it for like $5 with shipping!  It is just a vinyl decal for the door.
Mikey joined the Fiestaware craze!  I got him some Fiesta decal dog bowls!  They have paw prints around the rims!
I ordered my stepstools from Ballard Designs!  The white one matches the kitchen PERFECTLY!  And now I can reach my top shelf without dragging out the ugly metal step stool.
Tyler has done some home improvement too!  He spent yesterday cleaning out the pole barn.  We have two barns (one open, and one partially enclosed) and this one was full of hay and old cow poop from the cattle previously on the land.  He cleared it all out so we had more usable (and cleaner) space.
I put our football plates in our holiday plate holder…
Set my dining table for fall!  I LOVE that I have so many colors of Fiesta.  I just set the table and then pull different Fiestaware that matches!  I got all my fall colors down, including my precious pumpkin plate!
Then I decorated for fall!  Pumpkins on the half wall… (excuse the dishes in the dish rack…that’s life!)
And I put my gourds and pumpkins in the glass jar…
And our monogram pumpkin on the wine rack table.
And random fall decor around the house!
So, that is what we’ve been up to!  Little things to spruce up the Lee home! 🙂
Do you decorate for fall?  Is it too soon?  I mean, Saturday WAS the first day of fall, right?


  1. Your house looks so cute! It makes me want to get out my decorations right now!

    • Thanks! It was cool on Sunday…so I was excited to get it all out. Then it was 90+ the last 2 days….so maybe I jumped the gun. But, its ok. I like it! Bring on the fall decor! 🙂

  2. I love that step stool!


  3. I love Mikey’s dog bowls! Adorbs!

    And I’ve had my fall decor out since the end of August. I just love it sooo much! Your house is awesome! Very welcoming!

    • 🙂 Thanks! I hear welcoming and home-y very often. I don’t know what I did to achieve this…but I’m glad we did! Glad I’m not the only one with fall in the home (even if its not in the air!)

  4. I love all the improvements, especially the Fiesta! I have been a Fiesta gal since we got married in 2008 and I got an 8 place setting in different colors. I’ve been expanding my collection ever since. It’s so fun and cheerful! Have a great weekend! 🙂


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