Homemade Christmas Gifts

So back in September when I was starting to sew I showed you some towels I “made myself.” Well, I lied. I made them for my aunt for Christmas. In fact, every woman on my Christmas list got a set of homemade embellished towels. Now that they have opened them, I can show you my creations!
These are for my momma…who has fat chefs in her kitchen…
“Never trust a skinny cook” Love it!
These are for my grandma Ellie, my Nene…who has gingerbread men in her kitchen. It was difficult finding non-Christmas gingerbread men fabric…but I did! They are so cute!

These are for grandma Gloria, Gram, who has roosters. These little roosters are so funky and fun.
And Tyler’s mom, Nancy, got these elegant roosters. Yes, look close, there are roosters in those little swirly designs.

And the ones I showed you before. They are indeed, not for me, but for my Aunt Sandy. She doesn’t really have a theme in her kitchen, so I just picked this fun fabric.


  1. O to the M to the G!! I love those patterns!! U r so talented, not many people kan actually say they can sew, crochet or knit! Do u know how to make T-shirts or clothes yet? I do.. its REALLY fun!

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