Homemade Ice Cream

I am not meaning this blog to be a recipe blog. While I do cook and post recipes of yummy stuff, it seems like lately here all I’m posting has a recipe in it. Well, to be honest, we were without a kitchen for a few weeks. I couldn’t really cook while we were moving and in transition staying at my mother-in-laws house. So now that I have my kitchen, I’m a bit obsessed with cooking. So we will get back to my life after this short break, brought to you by my love of cooking in my new kitchen.

So last night we had a little dinner party at our house.

My mom was here to help us by waiting on our furniture to come today so we didn’t have to miss work (isn’t she the best!?). And Tyler’s mom came over for dinner too. And so did my best friend Alden who was home (and luckily, home is only about 20 minutes from our new house! Sooooo wonderful to have my best friend so close when she is home!).

So I cooked dinner. Nothing crazy. Salad. Twice baked potatoes. Italian creme chicken (chicken I broiled and cut up into little pieces with some frozen chopped spinach and a container of Philadelphia Cooking Creme- the Italian kind). PS. That cooking creme is some kind of good. Like eat-it-by-the-spoonful good.

But the most awesome part of dinner was the homemade ice cream I made with our new ice cream maker. It was seriously the easiest ice cream base ever! I thought I would share it because ice cream makers are everywhere right now (I even saw some at a local gas station!) and I wanted to reassure that making homemade ice cream is easy! (Some recipes I have found are intimidating with eggs and tempering everything and yada yada).

But this recipe was awesome. 3 ingredients for the base…then add whatever you want. I made peanut butter chocolate chip last night. I want to make some peach ice cream….or maybe some oreo cookie mocha, or some maple walnut. The possibilities are endless. (and as I type this I am imagining how many extra Zumba classes I’m going to have to attend to keep losing weight over the summer with all this homemade ice cream!)

Ice cream base:
-1 pint of heavy cream (could probs use half and half to cut the fat…or really even half cream half whatever milk you have)
-1 small can of sweetended condensed milk
-1 teaspoon vanilla

Then add whatever you want to flavor it up! I added 1/2 cup of PB (which I melted in the micro for 25 seconds to make it runny and mixable) and 1/2 cupish (I didn’t measure it) of mini chocolate chips.

Then you just freeze it according to your manufacturer’s directions on your ice cream maker! Yummo!

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